Looking for specialists that are market focused unlike development job shops or creative agencies? Tired of working with large consulting firms, paying big dollars and being punted to junior resources?


Seeking simplicity in engagement and delivery of high-quality, guaranteed work? Tired of services that don’t meet expectation or suffer from lack of professionalism, clarity & communication?

iPhone App Consulting UK

We believe software development is a commodity. Yes, that’s right. There are only two things that matter. One, are you solving a market problem or providing some value that people care about. Two, do you deliver an engaging user experience expressing that value. Make no mistake, development, testing and performance levels need to be there. However, the key is to deliver true utility and a meaningful experience to your target audience. This is our philosophy and our focus.


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As a market think-tank in the mobile apps space we are uniquely positioned to provide striking app results for our clients. AppManifesto is a mobile app consulting firm offering; strategy, go-to market, design and production services. Unlike;


  • development job shops AppManifesto provides a market-focused solution that delivers a targeted; user experience, business model, differentiation, and go-to market plan.
  • creative agencies AppManifesto provides market proven opportunity assessment, market strategy and professional software executions skills.  


We successfully launch custom apps for marketers seeking to extend their brand and messaging to the mobile audience. We are headquartered in London, UK and leverage a calculated mix of onshore and offshore resources.

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Keep it simple and clear. AppManifesto will work closely with your team to capture the right information, at the right time and communicate clearly on status and deliverables. This includes the following program elements;



Phase I: Why and What

Opportunity Assessment

Market Strategy


Phase II: Experience and Build




Phase III: Launch and Rollout

Go-to Market

Rollout Framework



We believe in high quality engagements from start to finish; from first interaction to final support. We offer a controlled holistic process, which includes management of requirements, project milestones, problem reports, change requests and rigorous software methodology. This is framed upon our rich experience in delivering mobile apps for leading handset manufacturers including Nokia, SEMC, Samsung and LG. In particular, the application is fully warranted and undergoes a testing process culminating in a final report deliverable to ensure peace of mind. We are also sensitive to ensure painless technical integration. We offer a well-architected back-end integration to ensure web services flow to and from the application seamlessly including publishing content feeds, database-driven or e-commerce content.

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