Analysis and commentary to help mobile marketers understand the apps opportunity and go-to market analysis of what works and what doesn't.


How does the App Store

landscape impact

marketers? Providing

the "big picture" on

the App Store and

implications for the

corporate brand



Who is hero and who is

zero? An assessment of

brand applications in the

context of how effectively

they extend the

messaging and deliver

go-to market "pop".


Why mobile apps?

A review of overall market

penetration, growth and

trends. Plus an

understanding of

consumer behaviour.

Who will pay the Piper: Business Models & News Apps

Who will pay the Piper: Business Models & News Apps

The BBC announced the imminent release of several iPhone apps at Mobile World Congress. Price? Free. A workable monetization model for a bloated, government funded organization, however this got me...   Read more

Brandon Mensinga  |   15/03/2010   |    in App ROI   |    No Comments

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