iPad app deployments surged in Q4 rising by 75% versus Q3 resulting in 47,294 marking end of Q4. In particular, iPad apps skyrocketed in December surging by 25% versus November adding over 9,000+ apps to the store catalogue. This is all the more remarkable considering Apple stopped processing apps for several weeks running up to the XMAS holidays. Clearly, whatever app store submission / approval issues that had plagued Apple last year have been resolved. Their ability to process large volume of apps in a timely fashion has ramped considerably.

The tale of the tape includes;


Number of apps. 47,294

Number of unique publishers. 13,276

Average app memory. 38.9MB

Average app price. £2.52


Number of apps. 302,506

Number of unique publishers. 64,324

Average app memory. 16.8MB

Average app price. £1.34

Apple App Store UK Metrics Q4 2010 Edition December 29th
A comprehensive summary of metrics; including dashboard summary, dashboard charts and a complete app listing. This includes; Excel 2007 and Excel 97-2003 file formats.
Price: £24.95

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On Friday, November 12th, we will be launching the Apple App Store UK Metrics October 2010 Edition a monthly issued product. This is for digital marketers that need to understand the UK Apple App Store landscape.  This tool provides a comprehensive summary of app store metrics including a high-level dashboard and app segmentation by key attributes. This will deliver better strategic, market and technical app decisions based on sound data metrics. Unlike in-app analytics this tool offers a “bigger picture” view of the app landscape and your competitive positioning within. The product offering includes the following benefits & features;

Gain an understanding of the market landscape. Per category average pricing, memory and number of apps. Detailed price band breakout.
Inform your market strategy thru market analysis. Quickly sort and isolate desired data points from a comprehensive application listing. Attributes include; name, publisher, price, release date, rank, category, memory size and average rating.
Support your business case or presentation with charts. Overall store and per category charts.

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